Updated 07/07/17

We provide a complete set up that is suitable for other animals, but was designed specifically with hedgehogs in mind.  The set up comes with everything you need to get started, including heat, food, bedding, etc.
You may find less expensive supplies elsewhere, but we offer the convenience of one-stop shopping and the peace of mind of knowing that you have the correct supplies needed.

Complete Set-ups

Our COMPLETE SET-UP provides your hedgehog with ALL of the
supplies, as well as the safety, privacy, and space needed.


      1.jpg  Large bin that is modified specifically for hedgehogs
      1.jpg  Digital thermometer
      1.jpg  Clamp lamp and ceramic heat emitter
      1.jpg  12" exercise wheel
      1.jpg  12" igloo
      1.jpg  8 oz. water bottle
      1.jpg  Ceramic food bowl
      1.jpg  Plastic mealworm bowl

      1.jpg  1 fill of bedding
      1.jpg  1 lb. of kibble

Individual Supplies


Lamp w/Ceramic Heat Emitter -
Clamp lamp, rated up to 250 watts, and ceramic emitter.
Produces heat without producing light.


Digital Thermometer - $10.00
Thermometer reads F or C.  Long lead for reading more than one area of the enclosure.  Battery included.


12" Flying Saucer Wheel - $25.00
Easy to clean.  Low noise.


12" Comfort Wheel - $18.00
Low noise.



     12" Igloo Hide - $8.00
Ideal for hedgehogs.  Easy to clean.  Difficult for them to climb on top of in escape attempts.



3 lbs Hedgehog Kibble - $10.00
The same mix that we feed our own hedgehogs



   Hedgehog Shampoo -
    Our hedgehog shampoo is organic, fragrance free, dye free.
    Gentle and mild for a hedgehog's sensitive skin.
    Please see our Hedgehog Care page for info about bathing hedgehogs. 

We occasionally have gently used supplies available at discounted prices.  Please contact us if you're interested in these items.