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 Hedgehogs for sale in Florida, hedge hogs for sale in FL 

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 Recent News:   New babies coming soon.
 Posted 04/09/14
 News:  Nigerian dwarf goats for sale.  Click here for info.
 News:  Some of our hedgehogs can be seen at the Tupelo Buffalo Park & the Tennessee Aquarium.

A Little About Us

Over the last 20+ years, we have lived with many species of birds, reptiles and small mammals.  In late 2005, our experience with African hedgehogs began, and in 2006 our first litter of hedgehog babies was born.  It was love at first sight and we have been producing healthy, gorgeous hedgehogs ever since.
In early 2012, we brought home our first African pygmy goats.  Since that time, we have acquired a few Nigerian dwarf goats and we have a beautiful herd.  Our very first kid was born on 02/11/14.
All of our animals are raised IN OUR HOME, even the baby goats.  We devote a significant portion of our time to the care of our animals and to responding to buyers.  We try to be very accommodating about scheduling.  We accept visitors in our home by appointment only  and we ask for at least 24 hours notice.
We are a family (animals included) not a business.  
Our Goal
We strive to produce healthy, friendly, and beautiful baby hedgehogs and miniature goat kids.  We have selected breeding animals that, in our opinion, are of the best quality of health and have wonderful temperaments.  We try to ensure that every animal that leaves us is matched with suitable, knowledgeable owner.

What Our Animals Mean To Us
Our animals are living, breathing, flesh and blood creatures, not products or items.  We invest a lot of our hearts and our time into our animals, and their well-being and safety is priority.  We make every effort to ask questions, answer questions, and assist potential buyers before selling our animals.  It is of the utmost importance to us that they find loving homes with new owners that are educated and prepared to take on the responsibility of having a pet as a new member of the family.
Our Mission
We take every opportunity to educate ourselves and share our knowledge with others.  Education about the species should be top priority among all breeders.  If a breeder is not knowledgeable about the animals they are offering, they cannot assist you with any problems that may arise and you aren't likely get a healthy, top-quality animal.

It has been brought to our attention, by many unfortunate buyers, that pet shops will not offer or honor any kind of guarantee on the hedgehogs that they sell.  There is one particular pet shop in Jacksonville, FL that is well known for this unethical practice.  They sell hedgehogs that often die within the first 3 days and absolutely refuse to offer a refund or replacement.
Please know that buying from such establishments will often lead to the same end result.

These places:
Typically do not know anything about the hedgehogs they are selling; such as DOB, gender, health issues in the lineage, etc.
Typically do not know how to properly care for hedgehogs (correct temperatures, proper diet) which results in the hedgehog becoming ill before it is sold to some unsuspecting buyer.
Often do not separate hedgehogs which leads to hedgehogs that are bred too young (which often has deadly consequences), inbred litters and injuries from fighting with one another.
Have hedgehogs are exposed to all of the other animals in the store and every customer (and child) that walks by, which can cause health problems as well as significant behavioral problems.

It has become an important part of our mission to encourage everyone to consider the above issues before buying ANY animal. - African hedgehogs, Nigerian dwarf goats, African pygmy goats


  We DO NOT sell animals to the following:  

Minors - Parent must be present for sale

Unlicensed breeders - Must show license

Pet shops

Wholesale dealers

Research facilities

  We send ALL animals home with:  

A trial supply of food

Health guarantee - see Policies page

Care information

Instructions - Weaning to new diet

Lifetime post-sale support





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Baby hedgehogs for sale in Florida.  Quality, socialized hedgehog babies since 2006.

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