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Nobody Hugs a Hedgehog
Written By Les Barker

I don't think anyone loves me;
They'll talk to me, it's true;
But do they put their arms around me?
No, they never do.

They're always very friendly
Till we get back to my place;
We'll share the Emva Cream
But never the embrace.

Nobody hugs a hedgehog;
I'm so lonely every night.
Nobody hugs a hedgehog;
Nobody holds me tight.

I get along in conversation;
It's the contact that I lack;
No fingers running through my hair;
No pats upon the back.

No one wants to hold me;
No one fulfills my need;
Everyone wants to be friendly
But nobody wants to bleed.

Nobody hugs a hedgehog;
It's a tearful little song;
Nobody hugs a hedgehog;
Not for very long.

It never bothered me before,
But you I really like;
My proper name is Reginald
But you can call me Spike.

I'm a prickly little person;
I wish I could be blunt.
I'm a softie at the centre
And my back is just a front.

Nobody hugs a hedgehog;
I never get a squeeze;
Nobody hugs a hedgehog;
Won't you do it? Please.