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Hedgehog Poem

I Am Your New Hedgehog

by Amy Hood ©2011

I am your new hedgehog and I’ll give all my love to you
Here are some things you need to know, about me, before I do
Just like a human baby, I’ll trust and learn at my own pace
You must be patient with me, and sometimes I’ll need some space

Whenever I’m scared or upset, I will put my visor down
This is not me being mean to you, it is simply how I frown
If you move too fast or make a loud noise, it will likely give me a scare
It’s up to you to take things slow and show me that you care

If, right now, stroking my back doesn’t set too well with me
I might have new quills emerging, which is uncomfortable as can be
A lighter hand and slow even strokes may be better for both of us
But if my quills do not come down, please don't make a fuss

It may not be a good time for me, I’m nocturnal, please don’t forget
For those who may not understand, I am a night time pet
If you’re patient and gentle with me, I’ll soon lay my quills down, it’s true
I’ll give you my heart and all my love, and I’ll expect the same from you

I am your new hedgehog, and I need specific things to thrive
The right food and temperatures are essential to keeping me alive
It is your job to research and know what’s safe and what’s not
I cannot do it myself, so you are all I’ve got

I am your new hedgehog, small outside and inside too
My parts are very tiny, so I’m sorry if I oops on you
You must remember to wash your hands before you get me out to play
I would never want to bite you, but if I smell food on you, I may

It will also keep me from getting germs that just might make me ill
And wash again when I go home so my germs aren’t on you still
If I should make a mistake, please don’t punish me
Because I’ll remember and hold a grudge beyond eternity

You cannot MAKE me do something, I am not a toy
I have feelings and emotions, just like any girl or boy
I am your new hedgehog and I hope we can be friends
Because hedgehogs have big ole hearts, and will love you till the end.

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