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To contact us regarding hedgehogs, complete the form below.

We ask quite a few questions, here's why...
While caring for hedgehogs is similar to caring for other small mammals, they do have certain
"special" requirements that must be met in order for them to live and thrive.  These are our babies.
We want the best for them. We need to know that they are going to great homes with folks who
are fully armed with knowledge of how to properly care for them.

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*What is your reason for wanting a hedgehog?

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*If you purchase from us, which will you require?

We offer a complete supply package with everything you'll need for your hedgehog for $100.00
*Do you plan to purchase SUPPLIES from us?

IF NO, please select the supplies that you currently have for your hedgehog:

Digital Thermometer Plastic Hide Food Bowl 
Enclosure/Cage (solid bottom & sides)   Insects (must be LIVE) Water Bottle
12" Wheel  (nothing smaller) Heat Lamp Dry Food

The above items are ALL essential.

*Are you interested in a hedgehog that's CURRENTLY AVAILABLE?

IF YES, please let us know which one.  Type the ID # below.

IF NO, please tell us your preferences
1st color choice:
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*Would you like to place a DEPOSIT on the hedgehog mentioned?

*Do you have a VET that treats hedgehogs?

*What is the IDEAL TEMPERATURE RANGE for hedgehogs?

*How will you react if your hedgehog becomes GRUMPY/BITES?

*Do you plan to house MULTIPLE HEDGEHOGS together?

*Comments:  Please let us know if you have any questions or if you'd like
to set up an appointment with us.  Thanks!

Please Note:  You will be required to give your Driver's License/State ID # at the time of sale.
This is required by USDA and is not optional.





Hedgehog babies in FL.
Hedgehog for sale in Florida
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Nigerian Dwarf Goat - Nigerian dwarf - Nigerian dwarf goat - African pygmy goat


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Baby hedgehogs for sale in Florida.  Quality, socialized hedgehog babies since 2006.

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